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Chinese Proofreading and Editing Services

Huayiwang Translation Company. is a professional editing and proofreading service that specializes in assisting business professionals, authors, academics and individuals with a variety of Chinese-language editing and proofreading needs. Our professional writers and editors understand that a well-crafted and organized document is central to your success. As such, Huayiwang Translation Company. has the ability to assist you with editing and proofreading requirements on the following documents:

-Fiction and Non-fiction Manuscripts
-Academic Theses and Dissertations
-Marketing Material including Web Content, Brochures, Press Releases, etc.
-Academic Essays
-Business Documents
-Professional Correspondence including memos, emails and other documents that require quick turnaround
-And more…
Huayiwang Translation Company. Professional Editing and Proofreading Services Guarantees 2 Full Read-throughs on Every Document!

Unlike some of our competitors, we realize that certain mistakes might not be caught on the first full read-through which is why our editing and proofreading service allows for two full read-throughs on each document reviewed. Moreover, we are happy to provide you with two versions of each document edited or proofed—a copy with tracking and editing marks and a clean copy that is finalized and corrected.

Our professional editing service can address the following needs:

-Substantive editing: Also known as developmental or comprehensive editing, this work considers the document’s concept, intended use, content, organization, format and style. This level of editing is the most intensive and its purpose is to ensure that the document is functional for readers. This type of editing is often analysis-based and therefore, clients who engage in this service often have constant communication with the assigned Grammar Chic editor.
-Copyediting: This type of editing is rules-based and often concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, style mechanics, consistency, facts and presentation. Along with substantive editing, this is an essential form of editing.
-Proofreading: This is the next step of the process which occurs when a finalized document has been created. Proofreading corrects any last minute typos, spelling errors and other issues in order to allow the document to be ready-for-print.

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