Chinese Translation and Notarization

The procedure of Mandarin,Chinese, English certified translation, notarization, Certification,authentication and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:[email protected];
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and stamp;
5. Sending the hard copy through EMS,DHL or FedEx.
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We supply the translation service of Lost Report of Passport and Permanent Resident Card of Canada.

We supply notarization of Diploma and Germany double certification and legalization.

We supply the agency service on behalf of notary public offices in China.

We can provide the services of Notarization by a notary public office in China, certification and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China for the Chinese degree certificate.

We provide the certified translation, notarization, certification and legalization of the Chinese postdoctoral certificate.

Bachelor Degree and graduation certificate must be certified and authenticated by a Notary in China.

We can supply the authentic service.

We supply services to notarize, certified, legalize, attest, approve and authenticate birth certificate in Beijing and Shanghai China.

We supply the Notarial Services of Educational Certificates for students in Saudi Arabia.

Employment Certificate

The price and procedure to notarize the divorce document using law of the peoples republic of China.

We supply services of translation and notarisation of Shenzhen Police Case Record Documents.

We can send the digital notarized translation document of the rental agreement in Chinese and English.

We supply Chinese Translation, certification and notarization services of rent agreement and contract in Beijing.

Inquiry and quotation of rent agreement translation and notarization in China.

We handle on behalf you the Notarization procedures of non - criminal record certificate in China.

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